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BSV is a participant in Bankers Insurance, LLC, one of the ten largest insurance agencies in the mid-Atlantic. This relationship truly brings together the best of two worlds. By allowing your community bank to answer your risk management and financial planning needs, you can continue to rely on a trusted advisor with whom you have a productive relationship. And perhaps best of all, the entire process, from analyzing your current situation, to making recommendations, to purchasing insurance, can take place where you bank on a regular basis.

Because Bankers Insurance is a large, multi-faceted insurance company with agents as experienced and customer focused as BSV, you are certain to get the exact business and personal coverage you need. Be assured, coverage will be provided at competitive prices by the most highly rated national or regional insurance carrier.

Types of Insurance

Property & Casualty

  • Buildings
  • Business Personal Property
  • Property of Others
  • Business Computer Equipment
  • Valuable Papers

General Liability Coverage

  • Premises and Operations
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Fire Damage

Professional Liability Health and Welfare

  • Major Medical
  • Disability
  • Group Life
  • Dental
  • Retirement
  • Key Employee Life
  • Workers’ Compensation

Business Income Interruption Crime Coverage

  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Forgery

Surety Bonds

Bankers Insurance products are not deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed by a depository institution or its affiliates.

Bankers Insurance products are not insured by the FDIC or any other agency of the United States, a depository institution or its affiliate.

The depository institution may not condition an extension of credit on either, the consumer’s purchase of an insurance product or annuity from the depository institution or any of its affiliates, or the consumer’s agreement not to obtain, or a prohibition on the consumer from obtaining an insurance product or annuity from another entity.

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