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To stay competitive in today’s market and meet your customer’s expectations, credit card acceptance is essential. To help you serve your customers, BSV offers credit card services for retailers, service merchants and professionals.

Electronic authorization and draft capture may be made from a desktop computer, a card swipe terminal, touchtone phone, or compatible mobile devices. Transactions are deposited in the merchant’s checking account, usually on the second business day following the sale. A merchant activity statement is generated monthly to summarize all charges by card type. Discount rates are competitive and there are no hidden fees. Merchant accounts are automatically set up to accept MasterCard, VISA, and Discover cards. We also offer optional features, such as pin-based debit acceptance and the ability to accept American Express cards. BSV has a program that will suit the needs of your business.


A credit card is presented and swiped through an electronic terminal, a receipt is printed, and the customer’s signature is required. With this program, the merchant is required to purchase a terminal and printer. Equipment can be paid in full or financed over 12 months. We recommend having a dedicated telephone line so transaction processing is not disrupted due to other phone line activity, such as telephone calls, faxes, etc.

With the purchase of a pin-pad, terminal merchants can accept pin based debit card transactions and provide customers with another payment option. If your average credit card sale is over a certain dollar limit, accepting pin-based debit cards would be like putting money in your pocket.


Do you have a small business? Are you looking for a way to process credit cards with minimal upfront costs? Our touchtone program involves using a manual slip imprinter to imprint the customer’s card information and obtaining an authorization by use of a touchtone telephone. The merchant is required to retain all copies of the sale transactions and no trips to the bank are necessary for processing. Merchants who choose this way of processing generally have little or no face-to-face contact with their customers and/or have very little credit card volume. Processing credit cards over the telephone can be slightly time-consuming if your credit card volume is high. If this is the case, you may want to consider another means of processing.

PC Software

The use of a software application is the optimal choice for mail order/telephone order merchants or merchants who require recurring billing capability. Using a software application can eliminate the need to purchase electronic equipment and reduce the amount of interchange you pay for keyed transactions. We will be glad to help you choose the best application to suit your needs.


Thinking of starting a business online? Give your customers the ability to pay online with their credit or debit card and watch your business grow. Because of security requirements that have been established in the e-commerce world, you want to make sure you are processing your credit card transactions through a well-known gateway that is compliant with all MasterCard and VISA regulations. We will be glad to help you decide which gateway is best for you.


Do you want to be able to accept credit and debit card payments wherever your business leads you? BSV now offers you that ability. We call it Merchant Mobile. By using your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, or tablet, you can accept credit and debit card payments wherever you are. Simply plug in the card reader to your headphone jack and swipe your customer’s credit card. If your customer needs a receipt, you can email them a copy as soon as the transaction is approved. If you need the capability to print out a receipt, we also offer docking stations that attach to your cell phone with a built in printer. Wherever you go, you will never have to turn away a paying customer again.

If you like what you have read so far about our Merchant Services program, please contact the Bankcard Center. Branch officers can provide you with a Merchant Questionnaire, Agreement, and Information Sheet to complete and forward to the Bankcard Center for processing. If you would like an estimate of your merchant rate, you can contact the Bankcard Center.

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